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Three Important Topics To Consider When Planning Your Funeral

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Planning your own funeral is a conscientious way to lessen the burden on your surviving family members after your death. While thinking about your own mortality and trying to decide how you wish your funeral service to be carried out can be a little challenging emotionally, it's important to remember that these actions truly provide a gift to your family. The process of planning your funeral requires you to think about a number of areas, but there's no need to feel overwhelmed. By meeting with a professional funeral director at a funeral home, you'll be able to solidy your wishes. Here are three major topics to consider as you plan your funeral arrangements.

Burial Versus Cremation

Cremation is becoming a popular choice for many people across the country. By 2018, it's estimated that more than half the people who die will be cremated. The decision to be buried or cremated is an important one. If you've always envisioned a traditional funeral and burial, possibly with an open casket, having your body embalmed, displayed and buried is likely the right choice for you. However, if you're looking for a less-expensive option, cremation can be appealing, as it costs considerably less than paying for a casket and being buried.

Traditional Service Versus Memorial Service

A traditional visitation and funeral service is an effective way for people to pay their respects to your surviving family members. If you're a traditionalist or simply favor the idea of this format, a traditional funeral service is the right way to go. Many people opt for a memorial service as a non-traditional way for their family and friends to gather after their death. Whereas a funeral is typically held in the days after a death, some people wish for their memorial service to take place months later or even on the first anniversary of their death. Memorial services often double as a "celebration of life" event, rather than a mournful one. If you feel that you want people close to you to celebrate your life instead of mourn your death, consider a memorial service.

Managing Every Detail Versus Buying A Package

Some people prefer to meticulously discuss every detail related to their death, while others would rather make a few requests and let a funeral home handle all the minor details. Funeral homes give you the ability to take either approach; if you're a person who is concerned with minor details, you have the ability to plan every element of your service. However, if you would rather just make your wishes known and arrange for a funeral home to look after everything, you have this option at your disposal, too.

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