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How To Plan Your Own Funeral

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Have you ever been to a funeral that lasted so long that you were simply anxious to leave? Perhaps you went to another funeral that left you wanting to know more about the deceased person. On the other hand, you have probably attended funerals that left you feeling inspired and that made you feel like you knew the deceased person a bit better than before you attended his or her funeral service. No matter how old you are, you might be considering exactly what you want at your own funeral. If this is the case, consider these ideas which might help you to plan.

Find A Funeral Home - If you are buying a new car, you probably shop around before making a final purchase. Consider doing that as you plan your funeral, too. The way you know you have found the right one is by feeling that you and the funeral director can communicate well with one another. Asking yourself these questions might help.

  • Does the funeral director understand the vision of what you want to establish for your services?
  • Is the funeral director open about all of the expenses that will be incurred?
  • Will the funeral director honor the amount of money that you want to spend, or do you feel pressured to spend more than you want to?

Planning The Service - Consider that friends and family will want to feel uplifted and comforted by whatever they experience during your funeral service.

  • When you are thinking of friends or family members who will speak at your funeral service it is a good idea to get backup speakers in case individuals have themselves passed away or in case somebody cannot attend your funeral for another reason.
  • It's a good idea to write down important information that you want to be included in your eulogy and in any other talks that are given at your funeral service. Besides your birthdate and birthplace, consider including what your hobbies and interests have been, awards you received, passions that have made you who you are, and even funny anecdotes from your entire life.
  • Do you want music as part of your funeral service? If you a patriot, consider a medley or songs like God Bless America, The Battle Hymn Of The Republic and This Land Is My Land. Other inspiring music might include traditional hymns like Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art and Holy, Holy, Holy.
  • Think about writing a letter to those who will be attending your funeral. This will be a wonderful opportunity to express love and appreciation for those who have touched your life. A letter is also an appropriate time for you to bear testimony of your beliefs or other things that are close to your heart.

‚ÄčThink about asking somebody to prepare a display table for the location where you will have your funeral. Things to include might be pictures of you throughout your life, family photographs, awards and trophies and objects that represent your hobbies, your profession, and your travels.

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