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Honoring The Deceased: In Lieu Of Flowers

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"In lieu of flowers" is a phrase that is being seen more often at funerals, as many people believe that there are other ways to offer condolences when a loved one or friend has passed away. There are many ways to ask a funeral attendee to contribute to something other than a floral display, although the universal term of "in lieu of flowers" has become the most popular. In some cases, family members of the deceased may use the term "in memorial of," "contributions," or "to express sympathy," but overall the ultimate goal is universal: to request grievers to spend their donations on something alternative to the traditional gift of flowers. There are a few common "in lieu of flowers" requests that are becoming more common.

Outside Charitable Donations

An outside charitable donation can be a great way to honor the deceased individual by supporting something that he had close ties to. In some cases, this may be a charitable donation to a tax deductible organization, like the Leukemia Foundation, because the recently passed suffered from this disease himself. Often, these charitable organizations are raising money to find a cure, and the family asks for donations with this ultimate goal in mind for future sufferers.

Some outside charitable donation requests are based purely on the deceased's personal passion. A good example of this would be a person that actively donated time in other countries with the intention of creating a better future for the inhabitants. If the deceased was actively involved in building a school for indigents or a well for those living in a third-world country, outside donations to that specific project could bring peace to the family and offer a way to honor the work and passion of the deceased.

Specific Donation for Family Member

A specific donation for the family may be requested in order to raise funds to help offset the costs of funeral expenses or upcoming household expenses to allow a family to adjust to the loss of a loved one's income. This is often seen in the case of families that do not have a life insurance policy, or in a case where a young parent is left behind to raise children on her own. Memorials made directly to the surviving family can allow them to remain self-sufficient during the grieving process.

Another specific donation that many families ask for is a donation to a college fund for an offspring of the deceased. These funds are a way to carry on the legacy of the deceased by honoring his child. The money can be donated directly into a trust fund or donated to a family member to put away for the future. For more information, tlak to a professional like Danks-Hinski Funeral Home.