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Tips For Saving Money On Funeral Services

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If you are in charge of making all of the funeral arrangements for a loved one, you might start to find yourself worried about the cost of things. Should you find that you are without an unlimited amount of funds to work with, you might want to consider the following ways in which you can save some money.

Cut Down On The Viewing Days

While it might be nice to say that there are additional days to view your loved one who has passed, it might not be needed, especially if the majority of the people who plan to attend the viewings live nearby. Also, the more days that are reserved for viewings, the more it is going to cost you. Therefore, instead of having two days of viewings, you might want to stick with one day. If you do expect some people to come in from out of town, you can request that the funeral home schedule that single day of viewing a few days later. This allows a little extra traveling time for everyone.

Opt For Cremation

Cremation is generally the more affordable option because it does not come with the extra expenses that a traditional burial comes with. For example, with cremation, you do not have to worry about purchasing a casket, burial plot, headstone, or paying for the crew to dig the burial plot and fill it back in. Do not worry, you can still have a viewing and standard service when you select the option of cremation. Most funeral homes have caskets on standby that can be rented for such purposes.

Shop Around For The Burial Casket

If you are sticking with a standard burial, you will need to purchase a casket. Sure, the funeral home may have a nice selection to pick from, but there is a good chance that you can find a more affordable option elsewhere. For example, you will want to contact casket manufacturers that sell directly to the public for a discounted price. You might even find a nice selection of caskets sold through the online stores for your big chain department stores. The only thing you will have to do is to decide where the casket will be shipped to. If you have it shipped to your home, it will be up to you to find a truck to transport it to the funeral home. Some funeral homes will allow you to have it shipped directly to them, as long as they know about it first.

As you can see, there are some clever ways that can help you save a little bit of money. All you have to do now is to make use of some of them so that the funeral can take place without you having to worry about going broke in the process.