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Burials VS Cremation: Which Should You Choose?

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When a loved one passes, it might be up to you to decide on their funeral arrangements. The first main option to choose is whether you should have them buried or cremated. If they left their wishes in a will, the decision is easy. However, some people never make it known what they would prefer. Here are some things to think about when deciding between a burial or cremation.

Cremation is Less Expensive

A major benefit to choosing cremation over burial is that it is less expensive. You might be facing financial struggle after the passing of your loved one and don't need the added stress. If you can't afford the funeral on your own and no money was left behind to help with funeral arrangements, consider having your loved one cremated. You can still have a wonderful and memorable memorial service to gather friends and family together.

Burial Provides a Place to Pay Your Respects

Some people prefer to have a burial for their loved ones because it gives a place for people to pay their respects in the future. While a memorial service lets loved ones get together in the meantime to talk about their memories of the deceased, a burial plot and headstone offers people somewhere to go every time they want to talk to the deceased. Visiting the grave can become a tradition, where their children visit each year on the day they were buried to bring flowers and talk about their life. It can be a comfort for the living.

Cremation is a Faster Process

On the plus side for cremation is the fact that the process is much faster. Depending on the circumstances, you might not want to delay the funeral process. If your loved ones want to pay their respects and move on, having the body cremated and doing a quick memorial service in your home might be the best option. It also tends to be less stressful for the person planning it, along with their spouse and children who just want to get on with the grieving process.

Burial Allows You to Have a Traditional Funeral

With a burial, you are able to have a more traditional funeral, especially one at the gravesite. While cremation still allows you to embalm a body beforehand and have funeral services, this is not a common option because you are basically paying for two different funeral options. With a traditional funeral, it typically involves the funeral service, open casket ceremony and viewing, and possibly a gravesite service during the actual burial.

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