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Services To Look For When Preparing Your Funeral Pre-Plan

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If you're working on a funeral pre-plan, choosing a funeral home that meets your needs is one of the first steps. You want to find a facility that will fulfill your final wishes, as well as be a pleasant place for your family to work with. Most funeral homes provide the basic services, but each will have their own unique ways of supporting your pre-planning needs. Here are a few of the different services to look for when researching funerals homes with which to work.

Grief Management

Funeral homes have different ways to offer grief support to your family. Learn how each funeral home that you're researching does grief management and choose the one that most fits what your family may need at the time or your death. Some of the various approaches include the following:

  • Some facilities hire grief counselors as part of their staff. They hold grief support groups at the funeral home and offer one-on-one counseling to those who need it.
  • Other funeral homes contract the grief support out to professionals in the community. These grief counselors may hold support groups in their offices as well as individual grief counseling.
  • Another approach is to direct your family to various groups and organizations in the community who do grief support. This can include religious organizations and other non-profit groups.

Social Media Management

With the increase in popularity of social networks, some funeral homes have their own social media staff. These people will place announcements of your death on various social networking platforms. They may also use special web sites that announce your passing and allow people to make comments, share stories about you, and post photos in honor of your life.

Administrative Support

Your family will be dealing with the grief of your passing, so managing some of the administrative details is an additional burden. Filing for military and insurance benefits can be a complicated process and one which must be done accurately to make sure they receive the benefits without delay. Some funeral homes offer administrative assistance, which can range from helping your family gather the necessary information to doing the applications and filing for them.

Green Funerals

Some funeral homes now offer ecologically friendly burial options. With this option, your remains are placed in some form of bio-degradable container and buried in a park designated for green burials. There is no embalming involved, simple decomposable caskets are used and no grave markers or memorials are allowed. These open spaces look like a public park with no sign of it being a final resting place for the deceased.

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