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3 Ways To Lower Funeral Costs

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These days death can be an expensive prospect. Everything necessary for the funeral and the burial of your loved one can really add up. If you are worried about the costs for the funeral, there are things that you can do that will still honor your loved one without breaking the bank or busting your budget. 

Get Multiple Estimates

You get multiple estimates to get your roof fixed so that you can find the right price. It's no different when it comes to funerals. Call a few funeral homes in your area to find out the prices. When you are calling them, make sure to not ask for the price of any package deals. Packages may vary from place to place, so it's kind of like comparing dogs and cats. Instead, ask for the costs of specific services. When you ask about specific services and features from funeral home to funeral home, you are going to be comparing cats to cats, which makes it easier to find a funeral home that offers services you can afford. 

Donate the Body

Something else you can do to help with funeral costs is to donate the body to science. Medical schools are always looking for cadavers for their students to work on. The medical schools take on the responsibility to cremate the body when they are done. If your loved one died of cancer or some rare disease, you can also donate their body to researchers who are working on that particular illness. That gives the researchers access to someone who had the disease. It can help to rid the world of that problem. 

Go Green

Another option is to go green. This isn't an option n every location because it means that the body isn't embalmed and is buried in a cemetery that doesn't have concrete vaults. Skipping embalming means that you are going to want to have any funeral as quickly as possible. Avoiding the concrete vault means that your loved one's body is going to return to the earth as soon as possible, without leaking embalming fluid. 

Trying to come up with the money for a loved one's funeral can be difficult, especially if your loved one left no money in order to pay for the funeral. There are several options ahead of you, all of which can let you get the funeral down to a rate that you can better afford. Contact a business, such as Morris Nilsen Funeral Chapel, for more information.