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Concrete Ways To Use Concrete As A Final Resting Place

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While life expectancy is set at approximately 78.8 years, the fact still remains that there is estimated to be more than 2.5 million persons that die each year. Even if death is expected, it can be a difficult process to make final decisions on what to do with the remains of loved ones. Traditionally, concrete has been used in making vaults that house coffins underground for burial. However, whether or not cost is a factor in the final decisions, you may want to find unconventional and nontraditional ways to memorialize your loved one and concrete can still be a useful material in getting that done even if you choose cremation services

So, here are a few ways in which concrete could help you to find a concrete way to a final resting place for your loved one.  

Raise the reef

One non conventional way is by using the remains to help create a coral reef. Due to rising climates, the coral reefs and their inhabitants are in jeopardy. You can help to address this problem by opting for a reef ball as a means to disposing of the remains of your loved ones. The reef ball uses cremains, which is the ashes from a cremation, and combines it with concrete to make a hollow structure with holes that mimic the structure of an actual coral reef. The structure can be as large as 6 feet wide and 5 feet tall and it is placed in the ocean to help support the marine habitat and prevent erosion of the sea bed.

If you or your loved one are environmentally concerned persons then you can add to the coral reef contribution by choosing to use concrete that has been created with the use of cement made with carbon dioxide and thereby helping to balance the CO2 emissions that would be generated in making the cement. 

A monument it is

Concrete can be used to make a monument for your loved one. The ashes can be mixed in with the concrete and used to build a structure of your choosing. This can be any size and can be placed in your yard or even in the house, if you so desire. Ideas for this monument include making a bird bath to put in your yard, a concrete chair for your garden or even concrete knobs for your cupboards. Smaller mementos such as concrete key rings can be done and given to family members and friends. 

The only limit to what your monument might be is that of your imagination, personal preferences and the wishes of other family members. An important factor to also take into consideration is to choose something that really represents your loved one and can truly reflect who that person was.