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Your Will Might Not Be Enough To Ensure You Get The Funeral You Want

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If you are elderly or anticipate passing away in the next few years, it is important to make a will to disburse your estate. However, it is also important to make your funeral plans before you pass away instead of outlining your plans in your will. Wills aren't always enough to ensure that your funeral goes according to plan.

Wills Aren't Always Read Before Funerals

Reading and executing a will after a person passes is a situation that may take place immediately after they pass away, just before the funeral, or after the funeral. The timing will depend a lot on how your loved ones are processing your passing. Even if you indicate to your executor that you want it read before your funeral, your family members may put it off as they mourn your passing.

As a result, all of the intricate funeral plans you had written into your will may have been ignored. This situation can be embarrassing for your loved ones.

Planning A Funeral Before It Occurs

That's why it's important to sit down with the funeral home you want to use and plan out your funeral ahead of time. They can help you sort through the complicated aspects of planning and will take all of your suggestions down in writing. Make sure that these instructions are stored somewhere safe and that your lawyer or executor of your estate knows about them.

In this way, if your will is not read before your funeral, you can still get the funeral you want. The variables of a successful funeral include a wide range of things that you need to know before making your plan.

Things To Remember When Planning

There are a variety of important considerations that you and your funeral director need to discuss when planning your funeral. These include:

  • Body disposal method (cremation or burial)
  • Open or closed casket funeral
  • Location of the funeral and the burial site
  • Religious service desired
  • Clothing desired if buried
  • Size of the funeral (open to the public or private)
  • Items displayed at the funeral
  • Speakers at the funeral
  • Music played during the funeral

By carefully working with your funeral home and creating a simple funeral plan, you not only ensure that you get the funeral you want, but also take the planning and execution out of the hands of your bereaved loved ones. Think of it as giving them one more gift.